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No School Today…

I used to dread the days when the kids didn’t have school.  Having all four of them home on the same day did not always translate into fun times.  Now that my kids are in different schools, they have different days off.  Today, I was home with my youngest who is in grade 7.  After many failed attempts at planning things with her friends, she ended up with me.

To make it fun, we headed to the mall.  While we were sitting in East Side Mario’s for lunch (that was a huge disappointment) my phone alerted me that I should write a blog post.  Naturally she wanted to know what the noise was about, so I told her.  “Let me write it,” she said.  I passed my phone across the table.  This is what she came up with:

“Today I went to the mall with my mom because we had the day off of school. I was originally going to go with some friends but then I decided not to go with them because it is not very often that I get to hang out with mom alone while my siblings have school. Usually when we go to the mall both of my sisters then we don’t have alot of time to go in the stores that I like to shop in. So when I have a chance to spend time alone with mom I will take it. Today was great, we went out to lunch and to Starbucks and I gota few things. I hope I have more time with her in the future.”

Thanks Adrianna, I LOVE being your Mom!


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More yarn projects…

So I’ve been learning to knit. Bless my mother-in-law’s heart, I just can’t remember what she teaches me! So I do what any good librarian would do, I find a knitting book.

Since I’m still fairly new to knitting, I find it slow and I also have to concentrate quite a bit while I do it. I decided that maybe I should break out the crochet hooks again and give my iPad a break from my mindless activities while watching tv.

My lovely, youngest daughter proudly wearing what I made.

This is what I accomplished. It amazed my kids because this only took me a couple of hours to make. It certainly made me realize how much I enjoy crocheting.

These cowls intrigue me. They are like a scarf but without the long ends hanging down. They are also quite easy to make because you just have to go around and around. This one only needed to be 8″ and that was only 16 rows of 37 stitches!

So back to some knitting. I have learned to knit and purl, what more do I need to start a project. After all, I have my new knitting book. I headed over to the

I was pleased with the results and it is really warm. I'm going to like wearing it this winter.

craft store to buy some yarn. I’m a big fan of free patterns, so I found a yarn I liked with a pattern for a cowl that I liked.

I think it turned out pretty good. I received quite a few compliments when I wore it for the first time on Tuesday. I’m really enjoying creating things again.

I went through my box of yarn and found a few incomplete projects. Before I start anything new, I will have to finish what I’ve started.


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A new school year bring new changes…

Today feels strange.  I’ve always loved the first day of school but today feels so different.

I remember this day, four years ago. I was a little sad that day. Not for the reasons most moms are sad, neither my first nor my last child was entering kindergarten. My first was heading to high school. I thought where has the time gone? He can’t be ready for this now?  I was too young to have a high school student.

Well, now it is four years later. Ben, my oldest is heading off to university. I have two kids in high school.  My youngest is in grade seven.  I still feel too young.  I sit here this morning thinking about those years when they were small. It was busy and it seemed that time stood still. They were so dependent, I needed to do everything for them.  While I was in the midst of it it seemed like I would always be changing diapers and tying shoe laces, but here I sit on the other side of that fence and I am thankful.

I’m thankful for the great schools my kids can go to.  I’m thankful for the wonderful teenagers they have been.  I’m thankful for the adults they are turning into.  I’m thankful for their independence.

Do I mourn their growing up?  Rarely.  I choose to celebrate the exciting changes that continue to occur.

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A quick run…

Today my 12-year-old daughter wanted to go for a run after school. She is training for a triathlon later this summer. She hasn’t been running much this spring and was worried that I would out run her. I assured her that she could set the pace.

She can set a good pace. We were heading out for a 2km run, should be easy, I thought, I’ve been running 5km quite regularly. We finished the first kilometer in just 6 minutes. I told her that she could run at whatever pace she wanted because I needed to slow it down a bit! She finished the second kilometer about 30 seconds ahead of me.

It is great to see my kids become runners. It is becoming a family activity.

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