Running can be a time of worship…

12 Sep

I don’t like to get up early. My kids will confirm that. I have been known to crawl out of bed after they all leave for school. Sunday mornings have changed recently for me. Instead of getting up a 8:30 and getting ready for church, I dragged myself out at 7:00 so I could get a run in.

The thing that shocked me the most was how wonderful a Sunday morning run can be. Sure, the other mornings are okay but they are filled with commuters, trucks and school buses.

The air was cool but the morning sun felt so warm. As I started out, I just drank in that sunshine. I let my feet do all the work, I let my body do what I knew it could. I chose to enjoy my surroundings. I forgot my iPod so my ears were wide open to the sounds around me. First I heard the birds and around a corner the crickets and other bugs joined the choir. I kept running, past a pond, I heard the frogs. I opened my ears to the chorus that the world worships God with. It was beautiful!


The animals in the fields just shouted out the majesty of His creation.



The colours seemed extra bright this morning, the dew in the grass gleamed. This was true worship. Nature was calling out to God and my heart and mind sang along.

This time alone with my God is another reason why I run.

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