6k Run, I Finally Did It…

07 Sep

Today, for the first time since my half marathon in January, I ran more than 5k.  Well, my regular block is actually 5.43k but for some reason 6 seemed so much farther.  I guess because it is the start of lengthening my runs so that I can get to 10k in the next 5 weeks.

Sometimes I wonder why I set goals that scare me. I know, I know, “do one thing everyday that scares you”. I don’t buy into that, I can’t think of a new scary thing everyday. But this run, it scared me.

Well, after running errands with my son, I knew I could put it off no longer. Surprise, surprise! The run was not tough, it felt great! It makes me think that the heat was beating me up more than the hills and the actual running. I ran every hill with ease? Well, maybe not ease, but it was easier than the last time. I ran 10 minutes and walked one, consistently. I finished strong, I felt strong.

This is why I run, this feeling is the high that I love. For the first time in four months I finished my run thinking that I can’t wait for the next one.

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