A new school year bring new changes…

06 Sep

Today feels strange.  I’ve always loved the first day of school but today feels so different.

I remember this day, four years ago. I was a little sad that day. Not for the reasons most moms are sad, neither my first nor my last child was entering kindergarten. My first was heading to high school. I thought where has the time gone? He can’t be ready for this now?  I was too young to have a high school student.

Well, now it is four years later. Ben, my oldest is heading off to university. I have two kids in high school.  My youngest is in grade seven.  I still feel too young.  I sit here this morning thinking about those years when they were small. It was busy and it seemed that time stood still. They were so dependent, I needed to do everything for them.  While I was in the midst of it it seemed like I would always be changing diapers and tying shoe laces, but here I sit on the other side of that fence and I am thankful.

I’m thankful for the great schools my kids can go to.  I’m thankful for the wonderful teenagers they have been.  I’m thankful for the adults they are turning into.  I’m thankful for their independence.

Do I mourn their growing up?  Rarely.  I choose to celebrate the exciting changes that continue to occur.

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