This weekend I will see true determination…

25 Aug

Today my husband and I leave for Penticton, B.C. On Sunday he will participate in Ironman Canada. For those who do not know what that entails, he will first swim 4km, then bike 180km and then finish with a 42km run. This is the second time he will race in an event like this. The first time was in Arizona in 2008.

It is amazing to watch him train or at least to know what he does for training. He has really come to love the training and that is quite a mystery to me. I mean, I love to run, but it is not so much a part of me that I must run, I wish it was.

I guess that I need to remember that the training starts small. He started with just liking to ride his bicycle. He would ride it work and ride with the kids. Then someone suggested that he race in a duathlon (run, bike, run). He really enjoyed that and then wondered what it would be like to do a triathlon. That is how it all got started. The distances got longer and longer and now here he is getting ready to race in his second Ironman.

I wish I had that kind of determination when it came to fitness. Maybe someday I will.

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