A good day…

22 Aug

I feel like life is finally getting back to some sort of normalcy. That is until Thursday comes around and my husband and I head out to BC so he can participate in Ironman Canada. I’m going to volunteer but it is going to be busy. We will see how well I can keep my momentum going.

This past week I have been careful about what I have been eating and trying to exercise regularly. This morning I officially weighed myself for my program and I lost 2 pounds. I was really pleased. I want to be healthy and get back into some of my favorite pieces of clothing! It is so awesome to see my hard work pay off.

I headed out for my usual 4k run. The one that is normally kicking my butt. Today I was determined that I would run the hills. I knew that my mind was convincing my body that the hill was too much. I told myself, over and over again, that I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me (Phil. 4:13). Over and over I repeated this and I ran up my hill, the hill that has been a big discouragement.

I did it! I ran up with out stopping. I was overjoyed. I then walked for a bit and when I was a kilometer from home I was again determined to run the rest of the way. I almost gave up but I kept going. It was the best run I’ve had in a long time! I will continue with this route form the rest of the week and once we are back from British Columbia I will head back out on my 5.4km route. By the end of October I should be back up to 10km!

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