Back at it…

15 Aug

We went on a month-long European vacation. We visited Germany, The Netherlands, France and Ireland. We did our best to eat healthy. We generally made our own meals since we always had kitchens where we stayed (that is a necessity when travelling with 4 teens!) On top of all that, we walked everywhere.

Then I came home. I still had the appetite that I developed with all that walking. I kept eating but stopped walking. I had a tough time getting over jet lag and doing all the other things a mom has to do and I used these things as an excuse not to run.

Well, last week I realized that the excuses had to end. I made up a three-week meal plan of food that the kids really like to eat but still fits within our healthy eating plan. I went to the grocery store and stocked up on the food to make almost a full week of meals. It was great! Lots of choices and I didn’t have to wonder each evening what I was going to feed the family.

Yesterday, I after a day with my extended family I realized that I needed to be serious about getting back into shape. It gets to easy not to be active. My extended family is not active enough and that is not a lifestyle I want for my children.

This morning, I headed back out for a run. I went a couple of times last week, but today I made a commitment to be back to running regularly, not just when it is convenient.

When I got up this morning, I started to make excuses. I didn’t sleep well last night, it is already quite warm out, I’m coming down with a cold and not running will be better. I told myself to shut up, changed into my running gear and headed out. I only planned a 2km run and 2km is what I did. My watch was dead so I figured it took me about 14 minutes. It felt great and I’m glad I went out. Isn’t that always the case when we do something good for us, we always feel better once it is done.

Soon the kids will head back to school and it will be even easier to develop a good routine. I have also asked my Ironman husband to become my personal trainer so that I can work on my problem areas. I want to be fit and I am even more determined to see that goal through. A new dress for Christmas is my goal!! Shopping is always a great reward.

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