Running in Europe…

03 Jul

I have been fairly negligent with my running as of late. I let the busyness of life get in the way. Two of my kids graduated, one from elementary school and another from high school. We also headed out for a European vacation.

We spent a week in Germany with friends that have been living there for the past three years. I went out for only one run. Germany is very, very hilly. It was also extremely hot for a few days. we also climbed many hills while looking at the "very old thing" that my 17-year-old son loves to see.

Two days ago we arrived in the Netherlands. This country is nice and flat. We are staying in an apartment that is in the country, but near cities. There is walking and bike paths everywhere.

Today I went for a run with three of my children. We ran 5k in about 33 minutes. The run was beautiful. Lots of farmland and water filled ditches all along the way.

This is the view out of our front door.


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