Another Run…

31 May

We have had a lot of cool weather this spring, so it goes without saying that when it left, the heat came on full force. I was a bit sore from my race on Saturday. I should say that I was sore from the 3.7km walk home after the race.

Yesterday, I was busy the whole morning, so when I got home I figured I should go for a run. It was close to 30*C. Much warmer than i have recently run in. I went out with the mindset that completing my run was the goal, time was not a factor (I still timed my run).

I still ran my 5.4km in 38 minutes so I was happy, just very sweaty. My husband said that the pool was nice for cooling down in, so I headed out back. One foot in and what he thought was refreshing was just cold!

Well, it cooled me down quickly. The humidity today was through the roof so I was very thankful that I headed out yesterday.

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