I want to eat healthier…

22 May

For some reason I find eating healthy a difficult thing to do. Everyday I say I’m going to eat better but I don’t. My diet is not bad but it is not great.

Today we had a get together with my extended family. What was I supposed to bring? Caesar salad. Yuck! We do not eat that in our house anymore. We used to but just find it too heavy now. So I brought Caesar salad, but I also brought a green salad. My kids ate the green salad, I was proud of that decision. It is tough to stick with healthy eating when my whole family loves lots of processed crap. Hamburgers and hot dogs were on the menu also but since I’m gluten-free, I only ate the salad I brought.

I wasn’t supposed to bring a dessert but I brought a delicious chocolate cake made with quinoa. Of course chocolate cake is fantastic when served with strawberries and whipped cream. The other dessert was cherry cheesecake. Sounds okay, right? Then I realize it is my Mom’s old recipe that uses Dream Whip. I haven’t looked at a box of it yet, but how can processed into a powder be better than the real thing?

Family gatherings are almost becoming more than I can bear when it comes to eating. My kids are learning to have discerning tastes and are being looked at as odd in the eyes of their cousins. Thankfully, they would rather be healthy than popular with them.

I will just plod on and celebrate the small victory that my mother is really starting to see my side!

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