Great start to the long weekend…

21 May

I love Saturdays of a long weekend. They are relaxing and the is no rush to get tons done because there is still Monday.

Today was extra special because it was my oldest daughter’s 16th birthday. We didn’t have a lot planned. She didn’t have to work this morning so her first gift was being quiet so she could sleep in. We then headed out to the mall. She really wanted a pair of Toms shoes. I really appreciated this because this company gives a new pair of shoes to a child in need for every pair of shoes you buy. A quick trip to Starbucks and we went home. It was finally a nice day and we wanted enjoy the first day that the pool was open.

Before getting in the pool I needed to get a run in. The weather was beautiful and I was two busy the previous days to get out. With my worship music in my ears I enjoyed 36 minutes of “me” time. Once home, I jumped in the pool.

It was a perfect day with my family!

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