What a blah day…

18 May

Today I was to drive for a class service trip for my daughter’s grade 8 class. The school has decided that these kids need to give back to the community. I think is a phenomenal idea. Too many kids are handed everything and have become selfish in their nature. Our school wants help them, or shall I say, force them to see that the world is bigger than they are. I hope a pray that their work today touched a small place in their hearts.

My husband is a veterinarian. Today he asked me to go on a house call with him. When a client has more than 4 pets he will go their house for the appointment. Today he had to vaccinate 6 puppies and do a test on 18 other dogs! They were great dogs and the breeder is really nice. Unfortunately my husband won’t let me have any more pets. He says 7 is enough. If I’m honest, I have to agree with him. At least I get to go with him once in a while to see the cute puppies.

I also should have run today, but, man, it’s still raining and I gave in and stayed inside. I studied my French instead. I don’t know how I will remember everything I hope to get by while in Paris this summer.

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