Rain, rain, still running…

16 May

This week’s weather forecast is not good. It is the middle of May and we have yet to see beautiful Spring weather. It definitely feels more late March, early April. Oh well, I was determined to get my run in today.

Then last night our school secretary calls and there needs to be a student’s head checked for lice before she can be back in school. I am good at the strangest things. I also had my sister-in-law coming for coffee in this morning.

So, this morning I got up early (for me that is 7 am). I then had a little to eat and headed out in the unseasonably cool weather. Thankfully the rain held off, but the wind was strong and cold. I still finished my 5.5k in 37 minutes. I was pleased with my results and proud that I succeeded in my determination.

I’m really thankful that I went out early, the rain started shortly after I got in and it rained on and off all day. Hopefully the forecast for Wednesday isn’t true and the sun comes out.

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