Playing librarian to another library…

11 May

So on top of being the librarian at my kids’ school, I’m also the librarian at our church. Back in 2000 we wanted to start a library. I said I would love to help but with four kids under 6, I couldn’t be in charge. Do you know what happens when you are the only person who is willing to do something? You get to do it by yourself!

Needless to s20110511-073016.jpgay, it has gone well, until last summer. Then all the other helpers quit and I lost interest. Now I’m back, determined to get it going. The only problem is that the room has become a bit of a storage area over the last 9 months (that made it even harder to get it back in shape).  There was way more junk on either side of the desk.  I just sigh every time I think about it.


I’m going to make my son come and help me clear out a bunch of this garbage.  This was the best thing I found today.  It all just makes the job that much tougher, especially when you work for free!!


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