My Book Fair, a big success…

09 May

So, I don’t enjoy putting on a book fair.  In fact, when I returned last year as the volunteer librarian, I told them I would not do a book fair and what do I do?  I host two!!  I also don’t enjoy packing it up and getting the library back in order, but I do enjoy counting up the profits!

Last Friday was the final day of sales and it coincided with Grandparents Day. On this day all the students invite their grandparents and senior friends to school. We have a program where each class performs something, the seniors go to their kids’ classroom and then all the “grand-friends” have lunch in the gym. It is quite a production. This also makes the perfect day to sell books!

We had already sold to students the previous three days. Our cash box was holding about $1100. We need to get to $1500 in sales to get to the 50% back in credits. That amount seemed achievable.

Today I went in to pack up the fair and count the money. After doing all the paperwork I realized that we made $1411 in new books for the library. This is totally amazing! I can’t wait to comb through the catalogues and place my order … That is a whole other joy!?!

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