I’m going to France…

29 Apr

One of my responsibilities of being in the Sandwich generation is to take my mother in law to France to visit her dying brother.

Sounds fun? Will be interesting. Generally when I travel to new places I’m with my husband. This time I will be taking the lead. I will need to find the car rental company, get the car and then find my way out of France. I then need to find my way to Perrone and then later to a small village that doesn’t even show up on most maps. I hope the GPS knows where to find it!

Since her brother is quite ill our visits with him will be short. We will have time to enjoy the French countryside. I’m hoping to get some runs in. It would also be wonderful to spend one day in Paris. We will have to see.

This is a new aspect to my life. I just hope and pray that I have the grace to handle this new challenge. I’m sure the good Lord will give me all that I need.

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