God’s work….

27 Apr

Yesterday, when I went to my kid’s school for my regular volunteer work I was met with a wonderful surprise.

Parents of a couple of our students came in to speak about recent mission work that they had been involved in.

They are involved with the Samaritans Purse. Specifically the Children’s Heart Project. They hosted two women and their children for six weeks while the children underwent life saving heart surgery.

One child was two years old but was the size of a one year old. He wasn’t growing because of his heart condition. He came off the plane in Toronto and was rushed to the hospital emergency room. the heart surgeons both donated their time for the procedures. Both children had so much energy, colour in their cheeks and appetites. it was a blessing to see them.

For me, one of the most interesting things was that this couple was doing it for one reason. They asked God how they could truly serve him where they live. This was their answer.

They spent six weeks with these Mongolian women and their translator. They brought them back and forth to Sick Kids Hospital. They did a Bible study with them.
The question this brought to my mind was: would I have the faith to do what God asked of me?

For more information on this project

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