Finally, another run…

21 Apr

Today I was determined to get out for another run.  I was at my volunteer job and the weather not hateful, cool but not too bad.  I was feeling really unproductive so I should go right?  I didn’t want to, but I tweeted that I needed to run and someone called me to accountability.

I headed out for my run.  I really hope that no one cares that I do all my library admin work after I have worked up a good sweat!

I get to the first intersection and realize I need to pee so I change my route slightly so that I can stop at my husband’s office to use the bathroom.  So the run is starting to feel pretty good, I’m glad that I came out, it is helping to improve my gray mood.  That is until a landscaping truck almost hit me.  They nicely had their name all over the truck, so I knew exactly who it was.

I was crossing a street on a green light, I even had the “walk” symbol showing the whole time.  As I get near the end of the crossing a pickup comes out of nowhere to make a right turn on their red light.  The only problem is that instead of stopping before the cross walk and then easing in, they just plowed right through.  I was shocked, I have never been that close to being hit before.  I did email the company to let them know what happened.  If I was one of the many other walkers out there I could have been pushing a stroller or walking a dog.  If that has been a case, the truck would have hit them.  We will see if the company does anything.

Hopefully I can get another run in this weekend.  This time I will run on country roads, no sidewalks but drivers watch out for runners and move out of the way for them.

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