The Sandwich Generation…

13 Apr

I knew becoming part the Sandwich Generation was inevitable I just always thought it would happen when my mother needed help.  I never really thought about being the go-to person for my mother-in-law.

We have had our struggles.  She didn’t like me for a bit, but she has come to appreciate me as a wife, mother and a Christian.

It is interesting being in this position.  I have children at home and yet I have my mother-in-law calling me to answer questions also.

One thing that I did for her was get her connected to the internet.  That was a bit of a long process.  I’m used to helping kids with computers, that is pretty easy, helping a senior was more of a challenge.  I set things up simply, click here to connect, click here for email, click here for Skype.  After a couple of weeks, she had it pretty much down pat.  I would stop by every week to add new email addresses for her.  She loves email and she love Skype.  She is able to communicate with her sister in Holland and her brother in France.  Her grandkids email her.  She expected the kids to pick up the phone and call her.  She just didn’t understand that kids don’t use the phone like we used to!

Today I’m going to try to teach her how to use Google translator so she can email her sister-in-law in French!!  Hopefully it goes well.

The thing that I didn’t expect about being part of this generation was that I’m actually enjoying spending time with her.  That surprised me, I think it surprised her also.

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