Tuesday Run…

12 Apr

As usual, on Tuesday, I head to my kids’ school to work in the library.  I have felt a true re-commitment to the work that I do there, but today I was unmotivated.

While the students were coming in for story time and to borrow books, I decided to head out for my run.  There are other volunteers there to help the students.

Today was not a typical April day.  It started off chillier than it should be at this time of year, but was supposed to get warmer.  I was optimistic.  I dressed for warmer weather.  I was cold.  But I was not getting anything done in the library so I had to get out.  I figured that if I kept moving, the 6*C weather wouldn’t feel cold.

I headed north, that was okay.  Then I turned and headed west.  The sun was shining on me and it felt wonderful.  I run 10s & 1s, or at least I try to (lately it has been 6 or 7s & 1s or 2s).  Today, the weather actually ended up being perfect to do this.  I turned south, still felt great.  Then I turned to head east and that is when the wall of wind hit me.  I was determined, I would not give up.  At this point my mind is starting to tell me to walk but I’m telling myself that I can do it.

My praise music was in my ears and the formulation of this post took over my mind.  That worked for a bit.  The wind was just beating me up.  I walked, for about 20 seconds.  Then I ran a little further, I was done.  I walked for just long enough to take a swig of water.  I started to run again and at this point I could see the school and I knew I could finish.  Thankfully I was able to turn again and head south so I was out of the strong headwind.  I still managed to finish my 5k in 33 minutes so I was proud of myself.

It was a hard run but my husband always tell me that when the tough part of a run comes at the end, it makes you stronger.  I will take what I can get!

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