Hills kicked my butt today…

09 Apr

Today was a beautiful day to run some hills.  Why I thought that, I don’t know, but the sun was shining and it was part of my new plan.  My husband announced that he was going to head out for a 12k run so how could I not go out for a run also.  Since all the roads around around me are hilly, I just had to pick a route.

I left the house and I ran.  It has been about 5 months since I have seriously tried to run hills.


This was the

first up hill I encountered.

It is 2k into my run,

I had already had a beautiful downhill

but this was the first up!



When I got to the top of that hill,

I encountered

this one!

Thankfully, at the 2.5k mark,

I turned around and got to head




The downhill did not last.

The bottom of the hill,

led to this uphill.

It maybe doesn’t look that bad,

but it was only the start….





led to this steep up hill.

It didn’t end in this picture.

The hill continued on for a bit longer.

This one defeated me….


and maybe the next time,

but I have conquered it before

and I will conquer it again.

With sun shining so beautifully and I now see that some of my goals are now within reach.  The salt and vinegar chips did not help with my healthy eating, but tomorrow is a new day!

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