The running begins again…

05 Apr

I am a librarian.  I am a librarian only because I run a library.  I do not have the schooling required to be a librarian in title.  I am a volunteer librarian.  About 7 years ago my kids’ Christian elementary school library needed some bi-weekly help.  I thought “hey, I can do that, how hard is it to help kids sign out books!”  Well to make a long story short, that led to me computerizing the library (yes they were still did everything on paper!!)  That led to helping out a lot, since no one understood the computer system and that led to me taking over the whole thing!  I now “work” there 2 day a week.

How does this tie into running?  Well one of the benefits of being a volunteer is I can make my own schedule.  I show up in the morning, get the other volunteers organized for the student visits and then I head out for a run.

I have a great 5k mapped out.  It is a nice run because it is relatively flat.  There are hills and only hills when I run at home so this is a nice change.  Today I ran the 5k in 33 minutes.  I need to shave 3 minutes off of that time to achieve one of my goals.

I wore a new pair of running shoes today.  I ordered them online.  I have never seen these in stores, so I have obviously never tried them on.  But hey, it was a really good sale so I gave them a shot.  They were wonderful.  My new running shoes are Zoot Women Advantage 2.0.  I will definitely buy these again although I would like to try some of their other shoes.  They impressed me because when the weather warms up I will be able to run in them barefoot.  I can’t wait to try that out.

One goal is in the works, how many more can I get started on?

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