Today is my birthday…

04 Apr

Today is my birthday.

Last week I made some decisions about what I wanted to accomplish in my 42nd year. I was off to a bad start.

Life gets in the way of goals. On Friday I planned to run. That didn’t happen. I needed to take one of my kids to the doctor and then had to make dinner for our Bible study group. Once the group showed up I headed out to the church for a sleepover with our girls group. A whole night with 20 girls in grades 2-6, what could be more fun? Saturday morning after the non-sleeping sleepover I promised my youngest daughter a trip to the mall to spend some of her birthday money.

The pizza and lunch in the food court were not part of my heathy eating plan, the no sleep was counterproductive to my running plan.

Sunday, I can run on Sunday! Wait, my in laws are coming over to celebrate birthdays with us. At least I will be reading my Bible in church right? Wrong, nursery duty. I’m sensing a pattern of excuses here.

Well, today is my birthday and today the changes start and the goal achieving begins. Do you have goals? How will you succeed?

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