No School Today…

I used to dread the days when the kids didn’t have school.  Having all four of them home on the same day did not always translate into fun times.  Now that my kids are in different schools, they have different days off.  Today, I was home with my youngest who is in grade 7.  After many failed attempts at planning things with her friends, she ended up with me.

To make it fun, we headed to the mall.  While we were sitting in East Side Mario’s for lunch (that was a huge disappointment) my phone alerted me that I should write a blog post.  Naturally she wanted to know what the noise was about, so I told her.  “Let me write it,” she said.  I passed my phone across the table.  This is what she came up with:

“Today I went to the mall with my mom because we had the day off of school. I was originally going to go with some friends but then I decided not to go with them because it is not very often that I get to hang out with mom alone while my siblings have school. Usually when we go to the mall both of my sisters then we don’t have alot of time to go in the stores that I like to shop in. So when I have a chance to spend time alone with mom I will take it. Today was great, we went out to lunch and to Starbucks and I gota few things. I hope I have more time with her in the future.”

Thanks Adrianna, I LOVE being your Mom!


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More yarn projects…

So I’ve been learning to knit. Bless my mother-in-law’s heart, I just can’t remember what she teaches me! So I do what any good librarian would do, I find a knitting book.

Since I’m still fairly new to knitting, I find it slow and I also have to concentrate quite a bit while I do it. I decided that maybe I should break out the crochet hooks again and give my iPad a break from my mindless activities while watching tv.

My lovely, youngest daughter proudly wearing what I made.

This is what I accomplished. It amazed my kids because this only took me a couple of hours to make. It certainly made me realize how much I enjoy crocheting.

These cowls intrigue me. They are like a scarf but without the long ends hanging down. They are also quite easy to make because you just have to go around and around. This one only needed to be 8″ and that was only 16 rows of 37 stitches!

So back to some knitting. I have learned to knit and purl, what more do I need to start a project. After all, I have my new knitting book. I headed over to the

I was pleased with the results and it is really warm. I'm going to like wearing it this winter.

craft store to buy some yarn. I’m a big fan of free patterns, so I found a yarn I liked with a pattern for a cowl that I liked.

I think it turned out pretty good. I received quite a few compliments when I wore it for the first time on Tuesday. I’m really enjoying creating things again.

I went through my box of yarn and found a few incomplete projects. Before I start anything new, I will have to finish what I’ve started.


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I started running in January, 2010. That first winter I was just starting out and I was very happy on my treadmill. I never thought I would run outside. I was going to be strictly an inside runner.

Then the first nice day in March came and I went for a run with my husband, outside. That was wonderful, I was definitely doing that again!

All was great, until October and November came, as they always do, cold and rainy.  I was training for a half-marathon, I had to keep running. I even did one of my long runs on the treadmill. I had learned to detest the treadmill.

I made it through the half-marathon in Florida in January, came home and had no pressing reason to run, so I didn’t run.  That was a problem, I missed it.

That's me at about the 3.5k mark of the 10k. There was no smile left by the 8k mark but it came back once I crossed the finish line!!

So here I am once again, the cold rainy weather has returned. Somehow I need to keep running.  In August I signed up for a 10k race in the beginning of November. That got me running. Gave me a reason to continue to train.

Now I stand in front of my running hurdle, cold weather. I don’t like to be cold. I like to sit in front of the fire with a wool blanket. So how am I going to handle this obstacle.

I need to schedule my runs and I have to run regardless of the weather. This means I either have to brave the weather or learn to enjoy my treadmill again. I don’t think it has to be one or the other. If my scheduled run falls on a sunny day, I will enjoy the outdoors; if the weather is bad, I will take advantage of running indoors.  I will remember why I run and will take it any way I can get it.

I just signed up for a 5k race on March 4th.  That should be some good incentive.  Do you need a goal, join me

I am determined to run through this winter and I will succeed.


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Today was a day to run, but another need was just more important.  About a month ago I promised my kids that I would not purchase cookies for them this year.  They would only eat homemade ones.  So to keep up with this promise, I baked.  On Labour Day weekend I baked about 25 dozen cookies.  Sure that seems like a lot, but I have 4 kids in my house and 3 of them are teenagers.  I also have a husband with a crazy fast metabolism who absolutely loves my homemade cookies.

On Sunday, we ran out of cookies.  Monday, I choose to run, Tuesday was too busy.  So today, I had a choice to make after my errands were done.  Run or bake.  One meant keeping a promise to myself, the other meant keeping a promise to my kids.

My afternoon looked like this:

Getting the job started. (Okay these are the last 6 to go in the oven, but the first I thought about photographing!)

The finished product. I grew up eating these, I've just tweaked the recipe a bit.

I really love baking!


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Learning something new…

Every winter I tell myself I should learn how to knit. This winter I’m going to do it! My mother-in-law is helping me.

Here is what I’ve learned so far:


I’m still working on figuring out how to control my tension and make my stitches even. It is a work in progress, who knows what I can accomplish if I put my mind to and put some time into it. I guess we shall see.


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Hills are necessary in running…

This hill kicks my butt more than I care to admit! It continues around the bend, it just seems to go on forever.

My husband always tells me that hills make me a stronger runner.  I don’t always like to listen to his running advice, it makes too much sense!  I learned something valuable on my run this afternoon.  He was right!  The hills that I run in my neighbourhood are very beneficial to my training.

Let’s be honest, hills are frustrating and for some reason I always seem to be running into the wind when I have to tackle one.  By the time I get to the top of a hill my face is red and I’m breathing pretty hard.  My pace is also slower, I don’t like being slower.  But I run them anyways because of where I live.  There are only hills here and some of them are big (I my opinion).

Today, I was working in the library at my daughter’s school and I really needed to get my long run in.  I must to get up to the 10k mark and today had to be a long run, the rest of the week is just too busy.  So, I mapped out my 7k route starting at the school.  About halfway through I realized how much my hill running was paying off.  Normally I run at a 6:30-6:45 minutes/km pace.  Today I averaged 6:19 and that was after I hit a wall of dehydration at the 4k mark (my antibiotics were the culprit on that one).  What was the difference?  There were no hills on this route, it was relatively flat.  Sure it wasn’t 100% flat, like running in The Netherlands, but it was pretty flat.

The other thing I learned about hills…I like them!  They make the landscape more interesting, they break up the run.  Running today almost seemed boring, it was almost not challenging.  I struggle with writing that because the run was still a challenge, but it was just different, I can’t put it into words.

Hills are for training, I’m glad I’m surrounded by them where I live.  Flat running is for races where I can then feel faster!!!  If you run, find hills, you will hate them but you will learn to appreciate them.


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Running can be a time of worship…

I don’t like to get up early. My kids will confirm that. I have been known to crawl out of bed after they all leave for school. Sunday mornings have changed recently for me. Instead of getting up a 8:30 and getting ready for church, I dragged myself out at 7:00 so I could get a run in.

The thing that shocked me the most was how wonderful a Sunday morning run can be. Sure, the other mornings are okay but they are filled with commuters, trucks and school buses.

The air was cool but the morning sun felt so warm. As I started out, I just drank in that sunshine. I let my feet do all the work, I let my body do what I knew it could. I chose to enjoy my surroundings. I forgot my iPod so my ears were wide open to the sounds around me. First I heard the birds and around a corner the crickets and other bugs joined the choir. I kept running, past a pond, I heard the frogs. I opened my ears to the chorus that the world worships God with. It was beautiful!


The animals in the fields just shouted out the majesty of His creation.



The colours seemed extra bright this morning, the dew in the grass gleamed. This was true worship. Nature was calling out to God and my heart and mind sang along.

This time alone with my God is another reason why I run.

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